Journal articles (2021)

Why #WeAreNotWaiting – Motivations and Self-Reported Outcomes among Users of Open-Source Automated Insulin Delivery Systems: A Multinational Survey. Braune K, Lewis DM, Thieffry A, Gajewska KA, Froment T, O’Donnell S, Speight J, Hendrieckx C, Schipp J, Skinner TC, Langstrup H, Tappe A, Raile K, Cleal B. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2021;23(6):e25409. doi: 10.2196/25409. The suitability of patient-reported outcome measures … Read more Journal articles (2021)

Journal articles (2020)

Araia E, King RM, Pouwer F, Speight J, Hendrieckx C. Psychological correlates of disordered eating in youth with type 1 diabetes: Results from Diabetes MILES Youth – Australia. Pediatric Diabetes, 21(4): 664-672. Baptista S, Wadley G, Bird D, Oldenburg B, Speight J and the My Diabetes Coach Research Group. Acceptability of an embodied conversational agent … Read more Journal articles (2020)