Invited presentations (2019)

ENDIA Study Meeting: Adelaide, Australia; 11 February Hendrieckx C. Psychological aspects of screening for type 1 diabetes risk. Steno Diabetes Centre: Copenhagen, Denmark; 26 February Speight J. The ACBRD: an idea whose time had come. Diabetes UK Professional Conference: Liverpool, United Kingdom; 6-8 March Hendrieckx C. The launch of the Diabetes UK Diabetes & Emotional Health Practical Guide for … Read more Invited presentations (2019)

Journal articles (2018)

Aalders J, Hartman E, Nefs G, Nieuwesteeg A, Hendrieckx C, Aanstoot HJ, Winterdijk P, van Mil E, Speight J, Pouwer F. Mindfulness and fear of hypoglycaemia in parents of children with Type 1 diabetes: results from Diabetes MILES Youth – The Netherlands. Diabetic Medicine. 2018; 35(5): 650-657. Chatterjee S, Davies MJ, Heller S, Speight J, … Read more Journal articles (2018)