Ben Lam, MBiostats BPsych


Ben joined the Centre as a part-time biostatistician in January 2021. He has a Master of Biostatistics (2020), Bachelor of Psychology & International Studies (2017), and a Diploma of Languages (Japanese) (2017). He previously worked on projects at the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health, where he looked at discrepancies in oral cancer screening; and at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), where he used complex survival models to predict kidney re-transplantation. His research interests include causal inference techniques and applications, analysis of longitudinal and survey data, and parametric survival models. His aspirations for the future are to contribute to the Australian statistical sphere, and to lead large Australian studies using novel statistical techniques. Away from statistics he is an avid golfer, coffee lover, fencer (sport), and traveller.