Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC), Adelaide 2023

Diabetes Victoria Kellion Victory Medal Ceremony, Melbourne 2022

Institute of Health Transformation (IHT) All Members Day, Melbourne 2022

Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC), Brisbane 2022

American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, New Orleans 2022

Dr Shaira Baptista – University of Melbourne Graduation Ceremony, Melbourne 2022

OPEN Consortium Meeting, Berlin 2020

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD), Madrid 2020

HypoRESOLVE, University of Southern Denmark 2020

IDF World Diabetes Congress, Busan 2019

Welcoming Dr Vibeke Stenov (Steno Diabetes Centre, Copenhagen), Melbourne 2019

Welcoming Dr Vibeke Stenov (Steno Diabetes Centre, Copenhagen), Melbourne 2019.jpg

World Diabetes Day with Diabetes Australia CEO Greg Johnson, Melbourne 2019


Australasian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit (ADATS), Melbourne 2019

Diabetes Victoria Parliamentary Support Group, Melbourne 2019

two women standing in front of a banner and to the right of a table

HypoRESOLVE WP6 team, Syddansk University 2019

HypoRESOLVE WP6 team, Syddansk University 2019.JPG

Danish Conference for Communication in Healthcare, Nyborg 2019

European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), Barcelona 2019

Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC), Sydney 2019

Dr Emanuala Araia – Deakin Graduation Ceremony, Geelong 2019


American Diabetes Association, San Francisco 2019

HypoRESOLVE Annual Meeting, Radboud, The Netherlands 2019

Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute and Diabetes Victoria Annual Symposium for Health Professionals, Melbourne 2019

Diabetes UK conference, Liverpool 2019

Diabetes UK Research Workshop: Mental Wellbeing, London 2019

First meeting of the newly formed HypoRESOLVE WorkPackage 6 (Psychology) team: University of Southern Denmark 2019 


Graduation of Dr Virginia Hagger, Deakin University 2019


World Diabetes Day Reception / Award of Diabetes Australia Research Program General Grants to Victorian Recipients, Government House 2018

1st International Conference on Diabetes and Eating Disorders, New Orleans 2018 

Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC), Adelaide 2018

Graduation of Dr Amelia Lake, Deakin University 2018

Amelia Lake Grad.jpg

Diabetes Victoria’s Living Well with Diabetes event, Warrnambool 2018

Diabetes Victoria’s Supporting Diabetes Research event, Melbourne 2018

IDF World Diabetes Congress, Abu Dhabi 2017 

VicHealth Awards,  Melbourne 2017

ADATS, Sydney 2017

Victorian Parliament, Melbourne 2017

ADS ADEA Conference, Perth 2017

Roche Educators’ Day, Perth 2017

Leicester Diabetes Centre, UK 2017

Diabetes UK, Manchester 2017

Graduation of Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, Deakin University 2017 

Graduation of Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, Deakin University 2017.JPG

Diabetes & Mental Health Professionals Network, Adelaide 2017

International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, Melbourne 2016

Health Behaviour Change Research Group: National University of Ireland, Galway 2016

ADS ADEA Conference, Gold Coast 2016

American Diabetes Association, New Orleans 2016 

Baker/Diabetes Victoria Health Professional Symposium, Melbourne 2016

ADS ADEA Conference, Melbourne 2015

ACBRD 5 year anniversary, Melbourne 2015

MILES Youth Launch, 2014 

Inaugural Team Award for Excellence and Innovation in Public Health Research, Council of Academic Public Health Institutions of Australia, Perth 2014
2014 CAPHIA award

ADS ADEA Conference, Melbourne 2014 

5th DAWN (Diabetes Attitudes Wishes & Needs) Summit, The Netherlands 2014

Behavioural Research in Diabetes: Official Satellite Symposium of the IDF World Diabetes Congress, Melbourne 2013

The 73rd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, Chicago 2013

Deakin University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Partnerships, Melbourne 2013

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IDF World Diabetes Congress, Melbourne 2013

ADS ADEA Conference, Gold Coast 2012

Launch of Diabetes MILES Study Report, Sydney 2012

ADS ADEA Conference, Perth 2011

ADS ADEA Conference, Perth 2011

Launch of Diabetes Australia’s position statement: A new language for diabetes, Melbourne 2011

ACBRD Launch, Melbourne 2010