Invited presentations (2014)

10th Annual Australian Disease Management Association (Melbourne, 11-12 September)

Speight J. Psychological aspects of diabetes

10th International Diabetes Federation – Western Pacific Region (Singapore, 21-24 November)

Speight J. Drivers of hypoglycaemia and education strategies for prevention.

DAWN2 International Summit (Leiden, The Netherlands, 8-9 April)

Speight J. A new language for diabetes. The Diabetes Australia Position Statement

DA-Vic Type 1 in the City. Royal Melbourne Hospital, (Melbourne, 8 November)

Browne JL Emotional well-being & type 1 diabetes: understanding & overcoming ‘diabetes downers’.

DA-Vic Living Well with Diabetes. Werribee Racecourse (Melbourne, 18 October)

Speight J. What’s so tough about living with diabetes?

 DA-Vic Women’s Weekend. (Melbourne, 11 October)

Hendrieckx C. Motivation and Wellbeing: Mental health, relationships and how to take charge of stress, anxiety and depression.

Diabetes UK (Liverpool UK, 5-7 March 2014)

Browne JL Understanding and addressing diabetes-related stigma

Speight J. How to present research / academic writing

Speight J. Diabetes and distress.