Online biopsychosocial training to prevent severe hypoglycaemia in adults with type 1 diabetes


Deakin Supervisors: Professor Jane Speight, Dr Christel Hendrieckx
Baker Supervisor: Associate Professor Neale Cohen, Professor Jonathan Shaw

Project Description: With the rapidly advancing technologies of smartphones and hypoglycaemia, improve awareness of hypoglycaemic symptoms, and reduce fear of hypoglycaemia among adults with type 1 diabetes. This will be based upon: a) improved hypoglycaemia management techniques, and b) fear management techniques. We will pilot and then conduct a randomised controlled trial of a fully online intervention for adults with type 1 diabetes, incorporating elements of HypoCOMPaSS and BGAT. These are both evidence-based approaches (published in leading journal Diabetes Care), which are effective in reducing severe hypoglycaemia and fear of hypoglycaemia when delivered face-to-face. We will also conduct qualitative research to understand participants’ experiences of the intervention and the extent to which they can put the training/skills into practice in their everyday lives. We have already collaborated with the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute to demonstrate, for the first time in Australia, the prevalence of severe hypoglycaemia and its impact on psychological well-being among adults with type 1 diabetes in their clinic population (published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice). The proposed research will strengthen and further that collaboration, based upon our previous research, and enable a fully online hypoglycaemia prevention and fear management training to be evaluated. Further, if proven effective, we have the means to make this available to all Australians affected by hypoglycaemia through our strong relationships with Diabetes Victoria, Diabetes Australia and the National Diabetes Services Scheme. Currently, there is no fully online intervention available globally, so this has great potential for improving health and strong publications.

Applications close 5pm, Wednesday 31 October 2018.
More information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, is available on the Deakin University website.