Peer-reviewed presentations (2018)

5th International Conference of Prospective Memory (ICPM): Melbourne, Australia; 3-6 January Trawley S, Speight J. Are subjective prospective memory problems associated with medication forgetting among adults with diabetes? Results from the second Diabetes MILES-Australia (MILES-2) study (poster) International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD): Vienna, Austria; 14-17 February  Gonder-Frederick L, Hendrieckx C, Pouwer … Read more Peer-reviewed presentations (2018)

Journal articles (2017)

Araia E, Hendrieckx C, Skinner TC, Pouwer F, Speight J, King R. Gender differences in disordered eating behaviours and body dissatisfaction among adolescents with type 1 diabetes: Results from Diabetes MILES Youth – Australia. International Journal Eating Disorders, 2017; 50(10): 1189-1193. Browne JL, Holmes-Truscott E, Ventura A, Hendrieckx C, Pouwer F, Speight J. Cohort profiles … Read more Journal articles (2017)

media reports

7 April 2017 – The Australian – Glucose monitors give young diabetes sufferers peace of mind 7 April 2017 – Sydney Morning Herald – Let’s talk about changing these depression statistics for World Health Day 7 April 2017 – Philtimes – Strong link between diabetes and depression 30 March 2017 – Health Times – Psychological barriers to insulin … Read more media reports

Press releases

17 October 2019 – One in four Australians with type 2 diabetes avoid insulin because of psychological factors 29 November 2018 – Local Pakenham resident receives funding for vital diabetes research 1 November 2018 – Survey lifts the lid on diabetes stigma in New Zealand 10 October 2017 – Diabetes is associated with anxiety symptoms … Read more Press releases

Peer-reviewed presentations (2017)

43rd Annual Conference of the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes: Innsbruck, Austria, 18-22 October Driscoll KA, Bennett Johnson S, Hendrieckx C, Noser A, Patton SR, Gonder-Frederick L. Establishing clinical cutoffs for the Hypoglycemia Fear Survey. (ORAL) 75th American Psychosomatic Society conference (APS): Seville, Spain; 15-18 March Spek V, Nefs G, Mommersteeg P, Speight … Read more Peer-reviewed presentations (2017)

Peer-reviewed presentations (2016)

PsychoSocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) 21st Spring Scientific Meeting: Würzburg, Germany; 15-17 April  Ventura A, Hendrieckx C, Browne JL, Halliday J, Austin D, Speight J. Reducing diabetes distress using a novel, ultra-brief smartphone app (oral) Primary Health Care Research Conference (PHC): Canberra, Australia;  8-9 June Furler J, O’Neal D, Speight J, Manski-Nankervis J, Gorelik A, Holmes-Truscott … Read more Peer-reviewed presentations (2016)