Peer-reviewed presentations (2018)

International Congress of Behavioral Medicine (ICBM). Santiago, Chile; 14-17 November 

Abraham C, Staiger P, O’Donnell R, Lake AJ. Symposium: Developing and Evaluating Self-Directed Behaviour Change Interventions. Individual presentation titled: The Use of Leaflets to Promote Self-Directed Health Behavior Change: Targeting Two Populations at Risk of Vision Loss From Diabetic Retinopathy

Hagger V, Collins E, Duggan-Larkin K, Hendrieckx C, Speight J.Barriers and enablers to structured type 1 diabetes education for adolescents: The TEAM T1 experience. (oral)

Lake AJ, Browne JL, Rees G, Speight J. What is the effect of a tailored, evidence-based leaflet on diabetic retinopathy screening uptake among young adults with type 2 diabetes? Findings from a randomized controlled trial (oral)

Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC). Adelaide, Australia; 22-24 August 2018

Baptista S, Trawley S, Pouwer F, Wadley G, Oldenburg B, Speight J. What do adults with type 2 diabetes want from the ‘perfect’ self-management app? Results fro the second Diabetes MILES – Australia (MILES-2) Study (poster)

Holmes-Truscott E, Speight J, Skovlund SS, Hendrieckx C, Pouwer F, Peyrot M. Assessing the impact of diabetes on quality of life: psychometric validation of the DAWN2 Impact of Diabetes Profile in the second Diabetes MILES – Australia survey (poster)

Morrison M, Audehm R, Barry A, Hendrieckx C, Nankervis A, Porter C, Scibilia R, Ross G. A review of NDSS pregnancy and diabetes website reach and identifying areas for improvement (poster)

Speight J, Hendrieckx C, d”Emden H, Mosely K, Munt R. ADEA Symposium: Supporting the emotional health needs of Australians with diabetes in clinical practice

Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED). Melbourne, Australia; 3-4 August

King R, Araia E, Hendrieckx C. Disordered eating behaviours and psychological correlates within type 1 diabetes: Examination of risk and protective factors

PsychoSocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD). Verona, Italy; 3-5 May

Pouwer F, Speight J. HypoRESOLVE (Hypoglycaemia – REdefining SOLutions for better liVEs): a new, multi-national study that is also focused on the psychological impact of hypoglycaemia, with funding from the Horizon 2020 programme (oral)

39th Annual Meeting of Society of Behavioral Medicine. New Orleans, USA; 11-14 April

Baptista S, Zemanek J, Shetty S, Zhou R, Bird D, Oldenburg on behalf of the research investigators (including Speight J). Baseline sample characteristics and 6-month evaluation of an mHealth program for people with type 2 diabetes – My Diabetes Coach (poster)

Diabetes UK Conference. London, UK; 14-16 March 

Chan CKY, Smith KJ, Cockshaw W, Holmes-Truscott E, Ventura AD, Browne JL, Pouwer F, Speight J. The relationship between social support, diabetes distress and blood glucose levels in people with diabetes: Diabetes-MILES Australia

International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD). Vienna, Austria; 14-17 February 

Gonder-Frederick L, Hendrieckx C, Pouwer F, Speight J. Non-linear relationships between fear of hypoglycemia and actual risk for severe hypoglycemia in parents of adolescents with type 1 diabetes

5th International Conference of Prospective Memory (ICPM). Melbourne, Australia; 3-6 January

Trawley S, Speight J. Are subjective prospective memory problems associated with medication forgetting among adults with diabetes? Results from the second Diabetes MILES-Australia (MILES-2) study (poster)