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Diabetes Victoria and AMCON: Living Well (Warrnambool, Australia; 23 June)

Hendrieckx C. Living well with diabetes & staying motivated

Hendrieckx C. Diabetes and emotional health handbook & toolkit; a resources to enhance consultation skills.

Hendrieckx C. Assessing diabetes distress: what works in research?

Education in Nutrition webinar, early Aug (date to be confirmed).

Speight J. Mind your language! The importance of communicating positively with and about people with diabetes

2018 Australasian Diabetes Congress (Adelaide, Australia; 22-24 August)

Speight J. Title to be confirmed. Presentation during a symposium on hypoglycaemia.

Speight J, Hendrieckx C. ADEA Symposium: Supporting the emotional health needs of Australians with diabetes in clinical practice: case vignettes from health professionals using the NDSS ‘Diabetes and Emotional Health’ handbook and toolkit.