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Australian Diabetes Congress (ADC)

Adelaide, Australia

Depression and Diabetes Distress among Indigenous Peoples living with diabetes: A Systematic Review.

Baptista et al.

Can Hybrid Closed Loop Technology Improve the Psychological Outcomes of Adults with Type 1 Diabetes? Findings from an Australian Randomised Controlled Trial.

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Diabetes misconceptions, seriousness, motivation, self-efficacy, and stigma: a cross-sectional comparison of eight Australian diabetes campaign videos.

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Factors influencing implementation of professional mode flash glucose monitoring to support adults with type 2 diabetes: Results from the GP-OSMOTIC qualitative study. 

Lake AJWilliams AHolmes-Truscott EGray S, Manski-Nankervis J-A, Furler F, Speight J.

Upskilling diabetes health professionals to provide structured emotional support to adults with diabetes: feasibility and acceptability of the LISTEN training.

Holloway et al.

Development of a diabetes and mental health monitoring system: Mental health IN Diabetes Monitoring And Pathways (MIND-MAP). 

Holloway et al.

Associations between weight self-stigma and healthful behaviours among Australian adults with type 2 diabetes: Results from the second Diabetes MILES Australia (MILES-2) study.

Manallack S, Holloway EE, Pouwer F, Speight JHolmes-Truscott E.

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