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Diabetes NSW/ACT Diabetes Update Day: Sydney, Australia; 8 October

Hendrieckx C. Title to be confirmed

National Diabetes Forum, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, 14-15 October 2017

Speight J. Using patient-reported outcome measures in clinical practice: moving from why to how

Australasian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit (ADATS): Sydney, Australia; 20 October

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Diabetes Victoria, Living Well event (Type 1 stream): Melbourne, Australia; 21 October

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Diabetes Victoria, Living Well event (Type 2 stream): Melbourne, Australia; 21 October

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International Conference of Diabetes Self-Management & Prevention Alliance: Galway; Eire, 9-10 November  

Hendrieckx C. Addressing emotional health: a skill that can be learned.

University of Southern Denmark, The role of psychology in the management of diabetes: Odense M, Denmark; 17 November

Speight J. Managing diabetes and preventing complications: what makes a difference?

Australian Paediatric Endocrine Group (APEG) conference: Hobart, Australia; 26-29 November

Hendrieckx C. Psychological aspects of closed loop.

IDF World Diabetes Congress: Abu Dhabi; 4-8 December

Speight J. Language matters: words reflect and foster attitudes that impact on diabetes care.