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Berwick Mental Health Professionals Network

Topic: Mental health and diabetes (Title TBC). 

Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer Halliday



Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) 2020

Online Event

Understanding gestational diabetes – incorporating the lived experience of women in the update of videos for gestational diabetes management. (ORAL). 

Arambasic N, Morrison M, Audehm R, Barry A, Hendrieckx C, Nankervis A, Ross G, Porter C. 

“I need someone to believe in me and walk the journey with me”: A qualitative analysis of preferred approaches to weight management discussions in clinical care among adults with type 2 diabetes. (E-POSTER). 

Geerling RGray SHolmes-Truscott ESpeight J. 

Integrating psychological support into diabetes care: how is Australia doing and how can we do better? (E-POSTER). 

Gray SHalliday J, Wischer N, Speight JHendrieckx C

Diabetes distress e-Learning for credentialled diabetes educators: A pilot randomised controlled trial. (ORAL; Best of the Best ADEA Orals: Prize Session). 

Halliday JASpeight JRussell-Green S, O E, Hagger V, Morris A, Sturt J, Hendrieckx C

“Guidelines for type 1 diabetes, disordered eating and eating disorders”. Chair, ADC symposium. 

Hendrieckx C. 

Diabetes distress experienced by inbound callers to the National Diabetes Services Scheme Helpline: A ‘snapshot’ survey. (E-POSTER). 

Holloway EHendrieckx C, Company G, Skinner TSpeight J

‘Is Insulin Right for Me?’ Development of a theory-informed, web-based resource for reducing psychological barriers to insulin therapy among adults with type 2 diabetes. (E-POSTER). 

Holloway ESpeight J, Furler J, Hagger V, O’Neal D, Skinner THolmes-Truscott E

Feasibility and acceptability of a web-based intervention to reduce psychological barriers to insulin therapy among adults with type 2 diabetes: a two-armed pilot randomised controlled trial of ‘Is Insulin Right for Me?’ (E-POSTER). 

Holmes-Truscott EHolloway EHusin H, Furler J, Hagger V, O’Neal D, Skinner TSpeight J.

‘Starting Insulin’: co-design of a booklet to support informed decision making among Australians with type 2 diabetes (E-POSTER, presented in poster session). 

Holmes-Truscott ESchipp JSpeight J

Associations between concern about complications and demographic, clinical and self-care factors in Australian adults with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes. (E-POSTER). 

Lake AHolmes-Truscott ESkinner TSpeight J

Online-survey regarding glucose testing at home during pregnancy with diabetes. Preliminary results. (E-POSTER). 

Ng J, Law S, Chia S, Januszewski A, Scott ES, Wyatt S-A, O’Neal DN, Krishna Murthy B, Scibilia R, Cheung W, Nolan C, Hendrieckx C, Jenkins AJ.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions on quality of life, emotional health and behavioural risk factors among adults with type 2 diabetes. (E-POSTER). 

Sacre J, Holmes-Truscott E, Anstey KJ, Cooper M, Drummond GR, Huxley R, Magliano DJ, Marwick TH, van Wijngaarden P, Zimmet PZ, Speight J, Shaw JE. 

Navigating the challenges of open-source artificial pancreas systems: a qualitative study. (E-POSTER). 

Schipp JSkinner THolloway E, Scibilia R, Langstrup H, Speight JHendrieckx C

How to talk about diabetes complications. ADEA symposium. 

Speight J.

Trials of behavioural and psychosocial interventions: an update. ADS symposium.

Speight J.

Psychological correlates and agenda setting in young adults with type 1 diabetes: Results from an observational study (E-POSTER). 

Wyld K, Griffin A, Hendrieckx C, Barrett H, D’Silva N. 




International Congress of Behavioural Medicine

Challenges and solutions to developing and evaluating health behaviour change interventions for people with younger-onset type 2 diabetes: an international perspective.

Glasgow, Scotland

Dr Amelia Lake

Bo A, Hadjiconstantinou M.

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