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PsychoSocial Aspects of Diabetes. (Verona, Italy; 3-5 May)

Speight J. Chair: Hypoglycaemia symposium (Title to be confirmed).

Baker / Diabetes Victoria Health Professional Symposium (Melbourne,  Australia; 4 May)

Hendrieckx C. Emotional health and diabetes – practical tips for managing emotional distress in your clients.

University of Western Sydney Forum: Diabetes tech and talk: innovation and integration in diabetes clinical care, self-management and prevention. (Sydney, Australia; 18-19 May)

Hendrieckx C. Human factors in the use of technology in Type 1 Diabetes – do we still need doctors?

Novo Nordisk ‘Insulin Summit’.(Sydney, Australia; 26 May)

Speight J. Overcoming barriers to initiating and advancing insulin therapy – the patient perspective.

Diabetes Victoria and AMCON: Living Well (Warrnambool, Australia; 23 June)

Hendrieckx C. Title to be confirmed.

Ventura A.Title to be confirmed.

World Congress on the Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications (WCPD10) (Edinburgh, UK; 15-18 July)

Hendrieckx C. Diabetes and emotional health handbook & toolkit; a resources to enhance consultation skills. In Symposium: Holt R, Sturt J, Hendrieckx C, Walker R: Addressing the psychological needs in routine diabetes consultations: the art of the possible.

Hendrieckx C. Assessing diabetes distress: what works in research? In Symposium: Pouwer F, Hendrieckx C, Polonksy WH. Psychological approaches to reducing diabetes complications.

2018 Australasian Diabetes Congress (Adelaide, Australia; 22-24 August)

Speight J, Hendrieckx C, Ventura A. ADEA Symposium: Supporting the emotional health needs of Australians with diabetes in clinical practice: case vignettes from health professionals using the NDSS ‘Diabetes and Emotional Health’ handbook and toolkit.