Take part in research

The Centre invites all Australians living with diabetes to raise their collective voice and get involved in diabetes research. We also encourage healthcare professionals and carers and family members of people with diabetes to take part in studies where appropriate. This page is updated regularly providing details of current research opportunities.

Current research opportunities

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Are you finding it tough living with diabetes?

Does it all get a bit much sometimes?

Would you like to develop skills to cope better?

– A new telehealth program
– For adults with diabetes
– Facilitated by diabetes health professionals

We are seeking volunteers to take part in the program and help diabetes health professionals becoming skilled in facilitating LISTEN.

Do you live in Melbourne and have type 2 diabetes?

We are conducting a study with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, La Trobe University, Centre for Eye Research Australia and Monash University to understand more about type 2 diabetes and its complications.

Whether you have had diabetes for a short or a long time; whether you are doing well or have problems with diabetes, you can be an important part of this study.

The development and validation of the EMPOWER-UP questionnaire

A group of researchers in Australia, Denmark and the UK are interested in your views about your interactions with your healthcare provider.

If you have had an interaction with a healthcare provider within the last 6 months and have (had) a diagnosis of either Diabetes or Cancer you may be eligible to join a 10-15 minutes online survey study in which a new questionnaire is being developed and tested.

To be informed of future research projects, please register your interest below. You can also sign up to our monthly e-newsletter or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.