Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, BSSc BPsyc(Hons) PhD

Senior Research Fellow


Elizabeth is a Senior Research Fellow at the ACBRD. Since joining the Centre in 2010, Elizabeth has worked across a varied program of research examining psychosocial aspects of diabetes, as well as completing her PhD in health psychology (2012-2016, Deakin University). Elizabeth’s PhD thesis examined the occurrence, correlates and consequences of negative insulin appraisals among adults with type 2 diabetes. Elizabeth continues to lead a program of research focused on barriers and facilitators of treatment intensification among adults with type 2 diabetes. In pursuing this research, Elizabeth was awarded a 2-year Deakin University Dean’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2018-20) and has received industry funding to support the development and evaluation of resources to improve receptiveness to injectable medications. In addition, Elizabeth co-ordinates the NDSS Starting Insulin (type 2 diabetes) National Priority Area. Elizabeth also has a strong interest in communication with and about people with diabetes, primary care-based interventions to improve diabetes management and the development and psychometric assessment of psychosocial questionnaires.

E: etruscott@acbrd.org.au

T: +61 (0)3 9244 6357

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0001-9139-4663

Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott’s bio