Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, BSSc BPsyc(Hons) PhD


Research Fellow

Elizabeth joined the Centre in 2010. During this time, she has worked across a varied program of research examining psychosocial aspects of diabetes, as well as completing her PhD in health psychology, awarded by Deakin University. Her thesis examined the occurrence, correlates and consequences of negative insulin appraisals among adults with type 2 diabetes, throughout treatment progression. Elizabeth has a particular interest in the development of interventions to improve receptiveness to insulin initiation in adults with type 2 diabetes. Elizabeth manages the Diabetes MILES and MILES-2 studies, and co-ordinates national and international research collaborations on these datasets. In July 2017, Elizabeth became the Co-ordinator of the National Diabetes Services Scheme ‘Starting Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes’ National Priority Area.

E: etruscott@acbrd.org.au

T: +61 (0)3 8648 1861

Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott’s bio