Invited Presentations (2015)

ADS Practical Skills Course: Melbourne, Australia;  20 February

Hendrieckx C. Talking about blood glucose levels.

Carrington Health: Melbourne, Australia; 3 September

Browne J. ‘Building the evidence for chronic disease management: IDEAS Evaluation Study’.

Chronic Disease & Mental Health Symposium – Integrated care is every nurse’s business: Sydney, Australia;  26 February

Hendrieckx C. Putting diabetes distress on the clinical agenda.

Deakin University, School of Psychology: Melbourne, Australia; 4 September

Speight J. ‘Biopsychosocial aspects of diabetes’.

Deakin Diabetes Workshop 2015: Melbourne, Australia; 14 August

Hendrieckx C. Psychology and Diabetes.

Deakin University, Annual Faculty of Health Day: Melbourne, Australia; 23 July

Speight J. The ACBRD: an idea whose time has come.

Diabetes NSW/ Diabetes Update Day: Sydney, Australia; 10 October

Browne J. Diabetes stigma: an invisible barrier to behavior change.

Speight J. SMBG is dead; Long live SMBG: the conversational role of blood glucose monitoring among people with non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Resource Centre Inc: Warrnambool, Australia; 28 November

Hagger V. Psychological well-being and diabetes self-care in adolescents with type 1 diabetes and their parents.

Hendrieckx C. Fear of hypoglycaemia, disordered eating and diabetes ketoacidosis.

Diabetes Victoria Living Well event 

Speight J. What’s so tough about living with diabetes? Five myths busted (Geelong, Australia; 28 February)

Speight J. What’s so tough about living with diabetes? (Melbourne, Australia; 17 October)

Diabetes Victoria – Living Well with Diabetes – Back to Basics (Type 1 Diabetes Stream): Melbourne, Australia; 19 March

Speight J. Motivation and type 1 diabetes.

Speight J. What’s so tough about living with diabetes?

Diabetes Victoria Type 1 Out of Town event 

Browne JL. Motivation and Health. (Wangaratta, Australia; 21 February)

Hendrieckx C. Motivation and Health. (Horsham, Australia; Sat 2 May)

Speight J. ‘Motivation and health’. (Geelong, Australia; 22 August)

Diabetes Victoria Webinar: 3 September

Halliday J. ‘Diabetes distress – what is it and do I have it?

Diabetes Victoria Women’s Weekend: Melbourne, Australia; 11 October

Ventura A. How do you feel? Discussing diabetes downers?

Diabetes Victoria / Baker IDI Symposium for Health Professionals: Melbourne, Australia; 20 May

Browne JL. The changing fashion of type 2 diabetes – designing care that fits.

Dietitians Association of Australia: Melbourne, Australia; 11 March

Halliday J. Consultation Skills – What can Dietitians do to Support People with Diabetes?

General Practice Conference & Exhibition and Practice Nurse Clinical Education (GPCE & PNCE) conference: Melbourne, Australia; 13-15 November

Hendrieckx C. Mental health and diabetes: improving outcomes.

Speight J, Virginia Hagger. Rational blood glucose self-monitoring for people with type 2 diabetes.

IDF World Diabetes Congress: Vancouver, Canada; 30 November – 4 December

Browne JL. Social stigma in diabetes: setting the scene.

Speight J. Hypoglycaemia unawareness: is hyperglycaemia avoidance an overlooked concern?

Speight J. Meet the expert: Is there more to a hypo than just low blood sugar?

Integrated Chronic Disease Management (ICDM) Chronic Care Forum:  Melbourne, Australia; 14 September

Browne J. ‘Building the evidence for chronic disease management: IDEAS Evaluation Study’.

My Diabetes Coach Partners’ Launch: Melbourne, Australia; 31 July

Speight J. The challenges of living with type 2 diabetes.

Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia: Melbourne, Australia; 30 April

Speight J. Engaging people with non-insulin-treated type 2 diabetes in self-management: taking a structured approach to glucose monitoring.

8th Roche Accu-Chek Network Meeting: Valletta, Malta; 16-18 April

Speight J. presented ‘Implementing structured SMBG in an Australian setting: STeP IT UP’

Roche Educator Day:  Adelaide, Melbourne 25 August

Hendrieckx C. ‘Panel discussion: You Are Not Alone: The Diabetes Healthcare Team: Here to help – What I know, What I do’.

Speight J. ‘Adherence and motivation. Dealing with the elephants in the diabetes consultation’.

Roche Sales Team conference: Sydney, Australia; 30 July

Speight J. Superheroes and diabetes: SMBG as an example.

William Sansum Diabetes Centre: Santa Barbara, USA, 18 November

Speight J. The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes: an idea whose time has come.