Invited presentations (2016)

ADS ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting: Gold Coast, Australia; 26-29 August

Browne J. How big? Social stigma among adults with diabetes and its implications for diabetes self-management.

Holmes-Truscott E. The psychosocial context of treatment intensification:  Barriers to early insulin initiation – perspectives of individuals living with T2DM.

Speight J. Avoiding problematic hypoglycaemia: rethinking our focus on the long-term complications.

Speight J (Chair). Novel and emerging psychological issues in preventing and managing diabetes-related complications.

Speight J (Chair).  From theory to practice: overcoming clinical inertia in glycaemic therapy for T2D in primary care.

AstraZeneca Sales, Marketing and Medical Conference: Gold Coast, Australia; 7 November

Speight J. Kickstarting the change … with words.

Australian Psychological Society Health College Annual General Meeting: Melbourne, Australia; 13 October

Browne JL. Introducing the ACBRD.

Chronic Illness Alliance: Melbourne, Australia; 26 October

Browne JL. Diabetes peer support in Australia: a national survey.

Halliday J. Diabetes and emotional health: a handbook for health professionals supporting adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria – Living Well with Diabetes: Back to Basics. Melbourne, Australia; 9 July

Speight J. What’s so tough about living with diabetes?

International Society for Pediatric & Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD): Valencia, Spain; 26-29 October

Hendrieckx C. ‘I wish they understood how much of an impact it [type 1 diabetes] has on everyone in the family’ (Parent of a teenager with type 1 diabetes).

OzDAFNE Collaborative Meeting: Melbourne, Australia; 29 July

Hendrieckx C. Bringing psychology into your practice.

Team Novo Nordisk event for the Diabetes Online Community: New Orleans, USA; 12 June

Speight J. Diabetes myths, stigma and language.