Invited presentations (2018)

ADS Practical Skills Course for First Year Trainees in Adult Endocrinology, Melbourne, 17 February

Hendrieckx C. Talking about blood glucose levels.

OzDAFNE Training Day, Melbourne, 19 February

Hendrieckx C. Diabetes Distress: what is it and how to identify and address.

Diabetes UK, London, 14-16 March

Hendrieckx C. “I feel confident bringing out psychological issues, but I don’t know what to do next” In symposium: Weaving psychological principles into routine care.

Hendrieckx C & Speight J. Avoiding severe hypoglycaemia: Rethinking our focus on the long-term complications.

ADEA Vic Branch conference, Ballarat, 17 March

Ventura A. Is self-compassion the antidote to diabetes stigma and distress.