Danish PhD student at ACBRD to learn about diabetes stigma

Ulla, a PhD student from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen in Denmark discusses her plans while visiting the ACBRD in Melbourne to further my studies on type 1 diabetes and work life issues.

By Ulla, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen in Denmark

In particular I am here to learn about diabetes stigma and I am lucky to be collaborating with Dr. Jessica Browne who originally developed the questionnaire tapping into perceived and/or experienced diabetes stigma. Some of my questions are: Can we talk about diabetes stigma in Denmark – and how does it look in a Danish context as compared with the Australian results? My main interest is looking at the psycho-social burden of diabetes in work life and diabetes stigma may be one – under-researched – aspect of this. By working with Jess and the rest of the ACBRD team I hope to be able to measure the extent and character of perceived and experienced stigma among adults with type 1 diabetes in Denmark.

When I am not at the office in Carlton I enjoy Melbourne with my husband and our two kids as we try to make the most of our time Down Under. And I can completely testify to Melbourne’s title as the world’s most liveable city. Here is my own Melbourne top 3:

  • South Melbourne Market – for the atmosphere, the food stalls and the coffee.
  • Riding my bike to work – I love the Aussie code of cycle conduct where you stop behind the tram and allow space for the passengers. Copenhagen bikers could certainly learn from that.
  • The local primary school – we love the school uniforms, the ‘no hat no play’ policy and the amazing community feeling around the public school in our neighborhood.

(Runners-up: the coffee, the people, the weather, the beach, the festivals, the nature).

If you have any questions you can reach me on ulla.moeller.hansen@regionh.dk.

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