Prof Jane Speight highlighted by ‘The Lancet’ as an “outstanding woman in science, medicine, and health”

Remarkable female leaders from around the world featured in the #LancetWomen collection of profiles 

The Lancet journals regularly publish profiles of “outstanding individuals across health and medicine”. In February 2018, The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology published a profile on Prof Jane Speight (NB this is free to access but you have to sign in).

For #InternationalWomensDay19 (8 March), The Lancet put together a virtual collection of profiles as part of their #LancetWomen initiative. We are delighted to share that The Lancet included Prof Speight’s profile in this collection of profiles of ~30 outstanding women in science, health & medicine.

We are very proud of Prof Speight’s leadership and achievements – but we asked her to comment on this accolade:

“I’m truly thrilled by this and humbled by the feedback I’ve received from so many. However, for me, this recognition represents the real, international relevance and impact of the ACBRD’s work over the past 9 years, and importantly the issues that we have drawn focus to, particularly relating to emotional health, the language we use in diabetes and the stigma surrounding the condition. Resolving these issues is fundamental to improving the health and quality of life of people living with diabetes. I’m so grateful to many, many people within and outside the ACBRD, as well as the partner organisations and funding that has enabled our work”.

Read more about ACBRD’s work in our blogs about emotional health, language, and stigma.

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