Celebrating the 100th Edition of Research Round-Up

To mark our 100th Edition, we take a look back to 2012 and highlight our most-viewed content

By Victoria Yutronich

Happy 100th Edition everyone!

For nearly a decade, the ACBRD e-newsletter has provided health professionals, people living with diabetes, and researchers with engaging updates about behavioural, psychological and social research in diabetes.

Looking back

Edition one of Research Round-Up was sent in May 2012. The e-newsletter was sent to 228 subscribers from Australia, United States, and Europe.

Since then, the newsletter has expanded its readership to 1,172 subscribers from 30 countries.

Research Round-Up readers around the world

First Edition of Research Round-Up

From 2014-2021 the newsletter has been delivered to 75,339 inboxes, and opened 62,326 times! Once opened, readers have clicked on a link to read more (the average click rate is 8.4%, well above the industry average of 3.7%).

Top 10 blogs, based on your readership

Since the launch of the monthly e-newsletter, the ACBRD team began creating its own content. Our team has written 183 blogs on ACBRD news, publications, and the latest research around the world. We’re celebrating this milestone by highlighting our 10 most-viewed blogs over the last 100 editions.

This milestone would not be possible without our subscribers. Thank you for your continuous support.

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