Diabetes distress e-Training for diabetes educators: An evaluation study


The e-Training is based on the latest evidence about diabetes distress and the NDSS Diabetes and Emotional Health handbook.

During the e-Training, you will:

  • read slides and listen to voiceovers to learn about diabetes distress, how to identify and talk about it, and how support people experiencing it
  • observe practical video demonstrations of a diabetes consultation
  • practice your skills and develop your knowledge, by completing activities, many of which are based on case studies
  • reflect on your current clinical practice and how you might adapt your consultations after the training.

The e-Training development and evaluation study are led by Dr Christel HendrieckxJennifer Halliday and Prof Jane Speight from the ACBRD, with funding from the ADEA Research Foundation and the ACBRD. This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (HEAG-H 179_2017).

Why is this evaluation study important?

This study will enable us to evaluate a newly developed diabetes distress e-training for Australian diabetes educators. Longer-term, following the evaluation study, we plan to make this e-Training available as an ADEA endorsed professional development opportunity. But first, we need your help to evaluate the e-Training, so we can make it as good as it can be!

How do I get involved?

First, read the Plain Language Statement, which you can download here.

Then, click here to get started! You will need to Register via the purple Log in box. 

Contact the study team

Email: diabetesdistress@deakin.edu.au